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Design: Sour Ale Refresh

Sour Redesign-header-0002-01

Range Brewing was built on an ethos of Forever Exploring, Forever Evolving and our visual identity is no exception to this. As we mature as a brand, we make sure to reflect upon and redefine how we present all aspects of the business, from our spaces to our can designs.

From day one, we’ve considered can design an integral part of the brewing process. Although it may seem like the last step in the production of a beer, it’s something we as a design-led brewery have prioritised as highly as the contents of the can. We want to deliver modern experiences that don’t just satiate your palate but also your appreciation for aesthetics and an enjoyable experience.

Moving forward, our Sour Ale labels are going to look a little different. We are constantly rotating through varieties of fruits (and combinations of these fruits) to create a refreshing, low ABV beer that aligns with our climate. While we love the original design by the talented Frode Skaren, we felt it was time to give our sour Sour Ale labels an update to reflect the brewing process and how we’ve evolved as a business.


Sour Redesign-02

Our in-house designer, Jess explains:

For the new sours, many of the ‘rules’ from the past designs will be carried over. The new labels will still lean heavily on white space and feature a design that reflects the fruit and/or fruit combination of each particular sour; this time, in a more abstract form. Our naming system will remain the same, as will the quality of the liquid inside.

In a way, the new labels are a reduction of the old, but in a style that brings them in line with many of the unspoken design rules that we follow throughout the rest of our labels. Gradients, patterns, shapes, and abstract imagery—all of a variant complexity and combination—are visual touchpoints that we build upon for the design of each label.

We’re excited to introduce these updates to our Sour Ale can design with the release of our Mango, Orange + Passionfruit Sour Ale. Expect the refreshing zing of a Frosty Fruit iceblock complemented by a rainbow gradient design that’s somehow just as enticing as the beer itself.




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