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Party Starter

A collaborative flavour experiment showcasing the difference between hops harvested early and late in the season. (1/2)
Release Date: November 2021

Party Starter and Fashionably Late are a collaborative set of beers brewed with the help of kiwi legends Freestyle Hops. We have brewed two IPAs which are identical in recipe and process except for one thing, the timing that the hops were harvested. We have two IPAs both showcasing Nelson Sauvin and Motueka, Party Starter with hops picked early in the harvest season and Fashionably Late with hops picked late in the harvest season. Freestyle hand selected lots of Nelson Sauvin and Motueka to showcase the aroma and flavour differences of hops picked at different times in the season. This series is an amazing showcase of how important hop harvests are and the vital role our farmers play in the final packaged beers we get to enjoy. Both beers have unique differences and we can’t wait to hear what you think about each one!

Party Starter is a collaborative IPA brewed exclusively with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka from our good friends at Freestyle Farms in the Sunrise Valley of New Zealand. Party Starter utilises hops that were picked early in the harvest season. We get distinct aromas of lime and passionfruit, with soft flavours of melon, lime and passionfruit. The hop flavours are soft, tropical and smooth, with the smallest hint of dankness.



Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat