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No Thanks I’m Sweet Enough

A collaboration with Slide Coffee Roasters. We've conditioned a raspberry sour ale on cold brew coffee sourced from Colombia.
Release Date: March 2021

No Thanks I’m Sweet Enough is a collaboration with Sunshine Coast coffee roasters Slide Coffee. We put our minds together with the crew from Slide to come up with a concept for a coffee beer that would accent both the depth of flavour of coffee and the refreshing and thirst-quenching aspects of the beer. We’ve mixed up a coffee sour with raspberry and tart cherry, bringing the best of both worlds together in a refreshing sour ale that kicks you into gear. We cold brewed the coffee at Range, which was specially roasted for the brew. This was added in the conditioning phase, eliminating overly bitter notes from appearing.

The aroma is all coffee upfront. With huge hits of freshly ground coffee, light espresso roast, with a backend fruit hit. On the palate the mix of berry fruitiness and coffee blends together in stunning fashion. Providing zippy notes of cherry, raspberry and blueberry, with a medium tartness that lets you know you’re drinking a sour beer. The coffee is ever-present, particularly on the backend where the flavour sinks in and lingers to perfection. This beer is everything we were hoping it would be and we highly recommend it to any coffee or sour lover.

Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Cherry, Raspberry, Coffee