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Lights + Music

A birthday collaboration with our friends from Wellington, Garage Project. A triple IPA with Citra, Motueka, and Galaxy.
Release Date: May 2021

Lights & Music is a Triple IPA brewed in collaboration with cult NZ icons @garageproject from Wellington, NZ. This beer was brewed specially for our 3rd birthday, to be a punchy, juicy and luxurious TIPA. It is full of seductive tropical flavour. 

Garage Project need no introductions here. Over the past decade they have built cult followings not only in their home country but also in Australia and across the globe. It has been a dream of ours to work with GP since before we brewed our first beer and this is honestly a bit surreal. 

It’s a surprise to no one that we’ve brewed a TIPA for a birthday release, as has been the tradition the last couple of years. This one is extra special though. We’ve hopped this beer with Citra, Galaxy and Motueka. We were lucky enough to have Garage Project airfreight us some of their hand-selected crop year 2021 @freestylefarms Motueka to use in this brew. This is the freshest Mot in the country right now. We’ve adopted some new techniques for this brew and the results are simply magnificent. 

Lights & Music is about as smooth and tropical as anything we’ve ever made. It pours a light shade of golden straw, with a deep and glowing haze. Straight up on the nose, this beer punches out aromas of lime, peach and grapefruit, which can be smelt from a mile away. The mouthfeel is thick, slick and velvety all the way from the front to the back of the palate, with a dense and creamy feel. Motueka and Citra take centre stage bringing wave after wave of soft and luscious overripe mango, melon, lime, passionfruit and peach. The finish is smooth and has a tropical intensity that hangs around long after each sip. This beer is incredibly easy to drink and we are over the moon about how it turned out.


Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat